The Agreement Will Bring Clarion Marine Source Units, Speakers and Amplifiers to Market on a Global Scale


MIRAMAR, Florida – February 17, 2021 – JL Audio, Inc. announced that it has expanded its exclusive license of the Clarion brand for marine products to eliminate regional restrictions, and expand marketing, sales and support to include powersports and recreational vehicle (RV) markets. JL Audio, Inc. exclusively licenses the Clarion Marine brand from Faurecia, a global automotive supplier based in France that recently acquired Clarion Co., Ltd.

“We’ve made some strategic moves with the Clarion Marine brand to help our team reach its sales goals, and despite the many hurdles presented in 2020, we’re on track for record-breaking sales,” said Andy Oxenhorn, President of JL Audio, Inc. “We’ve successfully returned Clarion Marine to a leadership position with products that are relevant, well-priced and able to deliver a great customer experience. Now, with an expanded licensing deal, we’re on track to unleashing the brand’s true sales potential globally.”

Since the licensing agreement was initiated in late 2018, JL Audio has invested heavily in assembling a team that could lead Clarion Marine’s return to prominence in the marine audio market. The first wave of new products from this team, including two new marine speaker lines, debuted last summer, and many more products are scheduled for delivery in 2021. The Clarion Marine brand also returned to the marine retail channel in core markets, allowing JL Audio to position the Clarion Marine brand for success. With this announcement, the brand’s current and future products will now be made available to a global network of OEM customers, resellers and retailers.

“We are proud to expand our strategic licensing agreement with JL Audio,” said Talal Kakish, President of Faurecia Clarion Electronics North America. “This relationship not only adds value to both companies but enables the end-consumer to benefit from our dynamic, innovative audio technologies.”

Clarion Marine products have already begun shipping to authorized retailers across the USA and Europe.